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Advanced Live Installer Build [Hotfix]


ALI Build is available on the release channel! It contains bug fixes and improvements. We improved the update feature, the stay on top feature, fixed localization issues.


- Fixed issue with overriding desktop icon
- Improved update feature
- Fixed localization issues
- Improved stay on top feature
- Added improvements
- Fixed bugs

We fixed the desktop icon issue when the wrong application icon was overridden after the successful installation. If you found a bug, feel free to submit your feedback.

Update: 09.11.2018 | ALI Build Hotfix:

Today we are releasing the hotfix to ALI. It fixes issues and adds improvements:

  • Fixed memory issue with login feature
  • Fixed issue when update file was not found on the server
  • Added improvements
  • Fixed bugs

    If you found a bug, please report it to us.

    Stay tuned!

    The CobraTek team
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    7 November 2018
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