Advanced Live Installer Beta 2


ALI Beta 2 is available! We added the new features, improvements and fixed issues.

Updates dialog now has the elapsed and remaining time counters. Also update method has been improved to bring the speed, UI and performance on the higher level.

Settings dialog got two major features:
  • Delete application installer after the installation
  • Switch to info page after install

    First feature will help you to delete the application installer if you don't want to keep it after installation. Second, will allow you to install more applications without closing and starting ALI every time in case you want to install/update more than 1 application.

    As you may noticed ALI is still in Beta development branch. It has the 1 issue:
  • Overriding the desktop icons when the same program with different architecture is installed

    And some features require additional polishing.

    We encourage you to update to the latest build on the Beta update channel to get the new features and bug fixes.

    Have a great weekend!

    The CobraTek team
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    5 October 2018
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