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14 March 2019 — 21:27:31
Welcome to the official CobraTek forum!

By participating in discussion on the forum you must adherence to these rules:

  • Do not include spam or advertisement of any sort in your posts.
  • Do not post sexually explicit or pornographic content.
  • Don't provoke or insult other users.
  • Don't spread any illegal content, that includes any kind of Nazi symbols, war/horrific acts, abortion, religion, suicide/murder, sexuality, politics/race, warez/cracked software
  • Do not post duplicate posts on the same topic. That's considered spamming and will be deleted.
  • Do not impersonate or verbally attack CobraTek staff.
  • Don't use offensive language.
  • Never post links to external websites.

    These rules will be enforced at CobraTek staff's discretion and are subject to change. Violating these rules may result in your exclusion from the forum.

    The CobraTek team
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