Third website development stage completed


Today we completed the 3rd development stage on the website. It was the major development stage. We finished it successfully and now all the website features are ready.

Some of the fixes and improvements in the 3rd development stage:
- We improved the registration
- Log in/log out features got improvements
- Added/fixed localization on the website
- We improved the website design
- Fixed issue with PMs management
- Improved account control panel feature
- Added internal chat
- Improved account page
- Added grid/list layouts to the product details on the home page
- Created the forum
- Added new social networks where you can follow us
- Fixed issues with website on the low screen resolutions
- Added support for IE

Also this update brings security fixes and performance improvements to the website. If you found a bug, feel free to report it by contacting us here.

Now, as we heading forward, our major priority is the PC Info Pro development. We will keep you informed about the development state and share more details in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned!

The CobraTek team
2 April 2019

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