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CobraTek 2019 roadmap

Hello and welcome to our blog!

In this blog post we will share some future development plans for 2019 with you. As you might already know, we continue to improve the website, it is our main priority, forum and other new features will be available in upcoming weeks. We will notify you about it in the blog, because from now on we will publish our applications/website announcements only here.

It is now the time to present to you our new products - PC Info Pro and WiFi Manager Pro. These applications are still in alpha branches in development. Today we share with you some information and screenshots which illustrates these applications advanced capabilities.


PC Info Pro will display more hardware/software information, will have more useful commands and much more features.


WiFi Manager Pro on the other hand will make networking fast, easier and secured.

Have a great day!

The CobraTek team
14 January 2019

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