WiFi Manager Enterprise Beta Sneak Peek


Today we want to share with you some details about WiFi Manager Enterprise. In WiFi Manager Enterprise we have focused mainly on the wireless features. We added more information about wireless network, so you will see the band (2.4/5 GHz or both), channel, frequency, MAC address and other useful wireless network data.

WiFi Manager Enterprise allows you to not only connect to a personal wireless networks but also to the enterprise networks. These networks will require to enter your credentials, such as the username and password. Check out the screenshot below:


We added new light gray theme and extended application customization. Now you can set your favorite color to be the taskbar color, make the taskbar movable or attached it anywhere in the application or on the screen.


Also, we added new feature called Profiles Manager, it will allow you to manage the stored wireless profiles in the system. You can view, import/export, rename and delete them.


We are still working on WiFi Manager Enterprise. We are planning to add more useful features to it. We will notify you about our Roadmap and WiFi Manager Enterprise release date the next week!

Have a great weekend!

The CobraTek team
10 January 2020

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