PC Info Pro build released


We are very exited to announce the PC Info Pro build! It contains a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

First of all, we fixed issues with login/registration due to the previous server upgrade. Also, we improved the application performance at the startup.

We fixed issue with wrong driver path displayed in the Drivers tab. Also, we improved the search feature. Now, the search feature is available in all tabs for the PC Info Pro program.

The useful tools got major updates. We improved the PC Explorer by adding more commands. Now, you can navigate to your profile directory, Desktop and This PC by clicking the appropriate shortcut items or using the content menu. This feature is illustrated at the following screenshot.


Also, we added the ability to search the content using a search feature. Please, take a look at the screenshot below:


Show in File Explorer feature is now available in PC Explorer as well. Using this feature, you will not only get the content directory opened in File Explorer but also the item will be selected. This feature will be useful if you want to switch between PC Explorer useful tool and File Explorer without losing your selected item.


We redesigned the Archive Manager feature. We dropped support for QuaZip library and created our own CZip library for managing zip archives. Now, using Archive Manager useful tool, you can add files, folders, create backups, open/extract archives and restore backups to the original locations. Feel free to check out the screenshot below:


We improved the Archive Manager navigation and added additional commands such as rename, get properties, create directory, delete, search content and view it in the File Explorer as well. Also, we improved the Network Monitor useful tool.

We strongly recommend all PC Info Pro customers to update to this build to get the latest enhancements.

New users can purchase PC Info Pro lifetime license for only $19.99 USD per copy from our website. If you have any questions, please let us know by contacting us.

Stay tuned for more releases!

The CobraTek team
6 June 2022

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