PC Info Pro Beta Sneak Peek


Today we would like to share more details about PC Info Pro features. It will have the ability not only to display the data, but also to manage it. PC Info Pro will allow you to start/stop services.


Now you can, not only view but also delete applications.


You can add new and stop already running process using the application.


And that is not all, as you already seen, we added the intelligence search, so you will find information that you are looking for quickly and easily.


Using PC Info Pro startup feature, you can add/remove applications from startup.


Additionally, we added the feature to copy data to clipboard. This feature supports 3 options to copy data:
- Copy
- Copy all
- Copy data

But the most interesting feature is that you can search selected data across the Internet with a single click! We called it - Internet search and it is available as the context menu option. You can select the search engine for Internet search from the list of available engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo.


Also we added more useful commands, print data feature now supports the preview. That is only minor part of features which will come with the PC Info Pro. As for the release date, currently we are working hard to release it as soon as possible, but there are still a lot of great new features which are in development and it will take some time to complete and polish it. We will notify you when it will be ready. If you want to help us, please sign in to your account and contact us here. We will verify and add you to the tester group.

Have a great weekend!

The CobraTek team
24 May 2019

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