PC Info Pro Beta 2 Sneak Peek


Today we want to share more information about PC Info Pro Beta 2 build In this blog post we will show you some of the new features of PC Info Pro.

We changed all checkbox controls to switches. Now you can easily change settings by just switching on/off the selected option.


Also, we added more useful commands, so now you have the access to all built-in features of the Windows operating system.


Some of these useful commands are hard to use for a regular user, so we added dialogs which will make these tasks easier. Check out the Check disk dialog below:


By selecting the drive letter and clicking "Start" it will start the chkdsk utility to scan and fix the selected drive issues.

In the Benchmarks & miscellaneous tab, you will find Useful tools section. Useful tools are exclusively built in features of PC Info Pro. For example, using the OS Manual Updater, you can easily integrate the .cab files to update your OS.


After the updates are applied, it will ask to restart the computer and after awhile it starts the update process:


Next, we would like to talk about the PC Explorer. It will access your file system by providing two views, as tree view and list view:


You can open, delete, copy, cut, paste and get the file/directory properties on your file system. Currently, we are working on the drag and drop between those views feature.


The Screen Capture feature will take a screenshot of your screen with ability to save to a different file formats.


The OS Terminal feature will allow you to work using Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell and easily switching between them:


We continue working on the PC Info Pro to add more features and improvements. We will notify you about more information and release date in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned!

The CobraTek team
29 August 2019

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