PC Info Home build released


We are excited to announce the PC Info Home build! It brings a lot of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

In this build, we added more than 150 useful commands. These commands are from Windows Settings (UWP) and they will work only on Windows 10 and later operating system. Also, we added the search feature, now can easily find your useful command:


We added the TPM tab, now you can get more details about Trusted Platform Module on your system. Also, we added the main tab navigation. This feature will allow you to quickly navigate from the main tab to the selected tab just by double clicking on it. Please, check out the screenshot below:


Additionally, we added the feature to select the window opacity, just like in the WiFi Manager products. You can view how this feature works by checking out the following screenshot:


Also, we updated the Nvidia CUDA API to 12.0.1 version. This Nvidia CUDA API 12.0.1 version is only supported on PC Info Home x64 binary because Nvidia dropped support for Nvidia CUDA API x86 binaries. PC Info Home x86 binary supports the latest available Nvidia CUDA API which is 11.8.89 version.

We recommend all PC Info Home customers to update to this build by using the built-in update feature on Release channel, download a regular installer from your applications library or just use Advanced Live Installer (ALI). As always, new users can purchase PC Info Home lifetime license for only $9.99 USD per copy from our website.

If you have any issues with PC Info Home program, feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned!

The CobraTek team
16 February 2023

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